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GoldenTowns is a browser game simulated economic system, political, social and military. You can switch aka Gold Coin Golden Town (the main currency in the game) for real money through Trader (those trading gold in the game) or you can request transfers into real gold by contact the administration department of the game. Will only have a maximum of 100,000 GTC in the game and the players share steadily over gold mines in game system, gold will be traded between players and can be recovered via the system transaction fees , then re-distributed back to players, just like forming a closed circle. The value of gold in the game will only gradually increase based on the number of real gold representing 100,000 GTC. This will better understand if you have basic knowledge about currency, but also does not need much attention, the problem of the player is to make a lot of GTC in order to move on to cash.

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