Deep Learning: How the mind overrides Experience

Although the ability to retain, process and project prior experience onto future situations is indispensable, the human mind also possesses the ability to override
experience and adapt to changing circumstances. Cognitive scientist Stellan Ohlsson analyzes three types of deep, non-monotonic cognitive change: creative insight, adaptation of cognitive skills by learning from errors and conversion from
one belief to another, incompatible belief. For each topic, Ohlsson summarizes
past research, re-formulates the relevant research questions and proposes information-processing mechanisms that answer those questions. The three theories are based on the principles of redistribution of activation, specialization of practical knowledge and resubsumption of declarative information. Ohlsson develops the implications of those principles by scaling their consequences with respect to time, complexity and social interaction. The book ends with a unified theory of non-monotonic cognitive change that captures the abstract properties that the three types of change share.

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